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2014 Statement of Policy for all Export Orders

For all orders shipped outside the United States or to registered export brokers.


1.Standard discount on most items is 40% off. Please refer to our catalog for actual discounts.

2.A 5% cash discount will be applied to orders between $XXX.xx & $XXXX.xx U.S. (XX/X%)

2.A XX% cash discount will be applied to orders over $XXXX.xx. (XX/XX%)

3.Orders under $XXX.xx will be accepted on an as submitted basis and will not receive a cash discount.

4.Orders under $XXX.xx may incur additional shipping charges.

5.Under no circumstances will we ship orders under $XXX.xx.

6.Shipping Policy

1.Orders will only be shipped when payment is received in full. Orders over $XXX.xx will be shipped within 1 working day upon receipt of payment. Orders under $XXX.xx will be shipped with in a reasonable time.

2.Consignee will be responsible for all shipping charges and import taxes

3.Orders can be shipped via the United States Post Office or United Parcel Service at no additional service costs, all others will require an additional service charge.

7.Payment Policy

1.Payment can be made 5 different ways.

A. Visa, MasterCard, or Discover credit


B.Bank transfer.

C.Wire transfer

D.Company checks drawn on U.S. banks only.


2.Bank transfers will incur a $25.00 fee. Wire transfers will incur a $15.00 fee. Unsecured credit cards and PayPal will incur a 2% transaction fee.

3.Orders paid by check will not be shipped until approval and payment by your bank (usually 15-25 days).

4.Order Procedure

1.Orders can be placed either by fax, E-mail, phone, our new online store or mail.

2.We will process your order and get back to you with in 1 business day with what we have in stock, what is back ordered and what we believe we can obtain with in a reasonable time along with an estimate of shipping costs.

3.You will need to get back to us to let us know that:

A.You wish us to ship the order as is.

B.Hold the order until it is completed.

4.We will cancel the order if we do not hear from you with in 2 days.

5.We can not hold any order without payment.

6.We will not hold any back orders.

7.Under no circumstances may any merchandise sold by us to brokers in the U.S. be sold within the United States or its possessions.