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2014 Statement of Policy


1.Criteria for Dealership Status

a.You must have a legitimate retail store front. We will consider other type of business on a case by case basis.

b.You must have a minimum of one commercial grade* 1/24 scale slot car track in said location.

c.Must be open to the general public.

d.We will accept private clubs were there isn't a commercial track within 30 a mile radius. Clubs will get a reduced discount. Please contact us for more details.

* Our definition of a commercial grade slot car track is:

1.Must be constructed of durable materials, no snap together or H.O. style tracks.

2.Must be a minimum of 6 lanes for oval and road courses.

3.Must have a minimum of 60' of lap distance for ovals and road courses.

4.Drag strips must be a minimum of 55' of running distance excluding shut down lane.

5. Must have proper lap counting/ scoring system.


1.We require that you fill out our "Dealer Application" form and return it with:

a.Photographs of your store including the sales area, the front of the building and track(s).

b.Copies of your business license and/or resale certificate if applicable.

2.If you are not yet open for business, we can set up your account if we have the following information:

a.A copy of your lease agreement with your landlord and/or leasing agent.

b.Proof of ownership of a commercial grade 1/24 scale slot car track.(i.e.: contract and/or bill of sale for a new or used track)

c.Copies of your business license and/or resale certificate if applicable.


1.Our standard discount on most items is:

On orders up to $200.00 our discount is XX% off. On orders between $200.00 & $ 2000.00 our discount is XX/X% (XX%) off. On orders over $2000.00 we offer XX/XX % (XX%) off. Please refer to our catalog for discounts on individual items.

These discounts are based on the manufacturers suggested retail prices. These discounts are based on Credit Card/Debit Card payment. We do accept credit cards (MasterCard, Visa and Discover only) at no additional cost for secured credit cards. A 2% fee will be charged for unsecured credit cars and PayPal.

2.On orders $400.00 net and over we will pay normal UPS ground shipping costs up to 2% of the net, this does not include the C.O.D. charge if any. This does not include certain items such as specials close-outs, slot boxes, starter sets, paints, any net items, etc. Extra charges for oversized boxes will billed to the consignee. Orders shipped to a residential address will be billed the $5.00 U.P.S. charges for residential delivery. C.O.D. orders will be billed the $12.00 UPS charges for that service.

3.All orders under $400.00 will be subject to all shipping and COD charges if applicable .

4.Shipping by other carriers (i.e.: Federal Express, USPS, etc.) may be subject to additional charges & restrictions.

5.We have a $100.00 minimum on all orders shipped. Orders under $100.00 may be shipped at our discretion and may incur additional charges.

6.All orders received by 3 p.m. eastern time are guaranteed to be shipped the same business day, however it is our goal to get every order out as soon as we possibly can to save you time and money.

7.We have a $ 500.00 minimum on all first time orders.


1Orders may be placed by phone between 10:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. eastern time. Calls after 6:00 p.m. and/or weekends may require a call back. Please leave a message on our voice mail and we will get back to you ASAP.

2Orders may be placed by phone, fax or online by the following:

a.Our tech Line number is: (352) 799-4139. This line is for technical support and for raceways that require extra help when placing there order. We have experts on hand to answer you questions at this number. Technical and support information questions can also be answered online by accessing our web site at: or E- mailing us at

b.Orders can be processes directly from our new online store at :

c.Our toll free order line number is 888 SLOTCAR (756-8227). This line is for orders only and no technical questions or support information can be answered at this number.

d.Our 24 hour dedicated fax line number is: (352) 799-4647.

e.Orders can be sent via your computer by E- mailing us at:

3Be prepared to provide the following information when ordering:

a.Your shop name, location & account #.

b.For fastest, most accurate service please have the quantity and item number. If you are unsure, please give us an accurate detailed description so we can find it for you, however the best way to ensure you will get the correct item is to have the stock number and manufacturer. Orders taken without part numbers may be delayed. We have inventory control tags available for your convenience.

c.All orders will be shipped UPS ground unless other wise noted.


1.We do not hold back orders unless specifically requested to do so.

2.Back orders will be held, at your request, and the customer notified via email or phone. Back orders under $300.00 may incur shipping charges. All back orders sitting for more than 10 days will be canceled.

3.We will not substitute items unless requested to do so. When asked to substitute an item we will to the best of our ability substitute with an item that most closely matches in terms of quality and price. Please give us a daytime phone number we can reach you at for your approval.


1.All orders are subject to acceptance by Crawley Distributing Inc.

2.To remain as an active account in good standing you must:

a Notify us in writing as to any changes in your original dealer application (i.e.: moving, change of ownership, etc.).

b If you move you will be required to fill out a new Dealer Application including photographs. Moving will not necessarily constitute filing as a new account. All raceways that change ownership will be required to apply for dealership status as a new account. Under no circumstances will account status transfer with change of ownership.

c Your account will become inactive if no orders are placed with in a period of six consecutive months and you may be required to re-file for dealership status as a new account. All accounts inactive for one year will be closed.


1.We will require that pay by credit/debit card or PayPal on all of your orders. We no longer consider C.O.D. We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover as well as PayPal only unless other arrangements are made specifically by Peter Crawley.

2.Open accounts will be considered after a 12 month history of consistent weekly or bi weekly ordering without unjust claims. See section N for more information.

3.All accounts with checks returned for any reason(ie: insufficient funds) will automatically be reverted to a electronic payment basis permanently.

4.All returned checks will be assessed a $30.00 returned check fee as well as a forfeiture of your cash discount as well as any and all collection fees. A 1.5% (18% per year) per month finance charge will be assessed from the original invoice date on all bad checks.

5.We reserve the right to alter your account status at any time at our discretion.


1.Unless considered unenforceable or unlawful under applicable law:

a.All implied warrantees relative to any product sold by Crawley Distributing Inc. to the customer, including but not limited to implied warranties or merchantability and fitness for particular purposes are hereby excluded.

b.Crawley Distributing Inc. liability, if any to our customers for allegedly defective product, shall, under any legal or equitable theory be limited to the replacement of the product and shall in no event include damages of any kind, whether incidental, consequential or otherwise.


1.All defective merchandise must be returned to the manufacturer directly unless specifically authorized by the manufacturer and Crawley Distributing Inc.

2.Under no circumstances will we accept returns on electrical/electronic components (i.e.: controllers, resistors, motors, etc.)


1.If you receive a shipment with visible damage, please do not accept it until the shippers representative makes note of the damage.

2.Please inspect the contents of the package, with the driver or representative present, keeping all packing material, boxes and etc. assuring that all products are in the package and are in good sellable condition.

3.If any of the contents are missing or damaged please contact your local shipper's office for proper procedures on damage claims.

4.DO NOT return freight damaged goods without the shipper's inspection of the package and it's contents. Claims without a proper inspection will not be honored.


1.No returns will be accepted without prior authorization in writing.

2.Authorized goods for return credit are subject to a 25% restocking fee and must be in good sellable condition (i.e.: ripped or torn header cards, price marked product, shop worn, etc. can not be accepted).

3.We reserve the right to refuse any item for return for any reason including but not limited to product obsolescence and discontinued items.

4.Returns are for credit only, no cash payment will be made.

5.We will in no circumstances be responsible for any shipping or handling charges for returned goods.

6.We will not accept returns on special order, closeout or any merchandise not purchased from us.


1.Each order is carefully pulled and checked twice to assure accuracy. However, sometimes a problem arises. In the event of an error, please contact us as soon as possible.

2.Be prepared to provide us with the following information:

a.The Raceway name and invoice # to which the error occurred.

b.The item number(s) of the items in error.

c.In the event you have to return an item that was shipped in error we will credit all reasonable return costs on your next order.

d.In the event of a missing item(s) we will credit your account or send the missing item, whichever is most convenient.


1.All return merchandise either defective, damaged, unwanted or in error must be returned with a return authorization code prominently displayed on the box and must be properly packed. Any items damaged on return will not be credited. Return authorization can be obtained by calling (352) 799-4139 or by email at:

2.Any package returned without a return authorization number will be refused.

3.When requesting a RA# please have the following information ready:

a.Your raceway name, location and account #.

b.Original invoice number.

c.Stock number and quantity of item(s) to be returned.

4.All returned merchandise will be for credit only and must not exceed quantity authorized.

5.All claims for returned merchandise must be handled within 30 days of invoice date.

6.We will not accept COD or freight collect packages.


1.Open accounts are earned not given.

2.We will not consider an open account until:

a.You have established a clean payment record for a period of twelve months (no returned checks, ect.).

b.You do not make unjust claims such as shortages to you shipments

c.Your raceway have a consistent record of ordering from us on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

d.There is proof of stable ownership. The owners and/or officers will have to submit to a credit check.

3.The terms for an open account are:

net 10 days on orders under $100.00

5%/10 days net 15 for orders over $100.00 which means that if your check and post mark are within 10 days of the invoice you receive the additional 5% discount. If you do not take the additional discount your check is due by the 15 th day from your invoice date.

4. Your check must be dated and postmarked by the due date to be eligible for the discount. No exceptions

5. A finance rate of 1.5% (18% annually) will be assessed starting from the 15 th day.

6. Any open account that shows a pattern of late payment will be converted to a electronic basis.

7. Any returned check automatically forfeits your open account status and will be converted to a electronic payment basis.

8. All open accounts will have a credit limit of no


less than $1000.00 and no more than $10,000.00.