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Slot Cars Are Our ONLY Business…

Thank you for visiting our website. At Crawley Distributing, slot car racing is our only business! We don't sell kites, coins or rockets. We have technical experts on hand to answer all of your slot car related questions; whether it's about business, your track and track wiring, or technical questions about cars, parts, controllers and slot car accessories.

We are a wholesale distributor, selling only to registered slot car raceway retailers, authorized brokers, and selected clubs around the world. We are a family owned business dedicated to servicing the hobby of slot car racing.

Crawley Distributing has its beginning back in 1963 when my father Roy Crawley walked into a raceway on Long Island, New York. It is amazing to think that is now over 50 years ago. My father soon managed to get involved with Cobra Manufacturing, one of the leading manufacturers back in the 1960's, as a salesman.

At the time he worked for Hilton hotels as a computer systems analyst and had the Hilton "Watts" line and their computerized "phone book" database available to him. He used it to contact virtually every raceway in the USA as well as around the world. He ended up as their top salesman and was rewarded by being offered a partnership in Cobra.

It wasn't long after that he ended up buying out his partners and became sole owner. Back in the 1960's most all manufacturers did their own distribution. As years past we moved out of manufacturing and into distributing exclusively.

In 1969 my dad opened his own raceway in Farmingdale, Long Island. I started working there when I was 12, I pretty much ran the place on my own from the time I was 15. My dad turned the shop over to me when I graduated high school. In 1983 I moved the store to Amityville on Long Island. I ran the raceway until my father retired in 1988, I sold the raceway and took over what is now known as Crawley Distributing and this is what I have done since then.

We moved the company to Florida in 1989, where the business has continued to serve the slot car hobby – shipping slot car products throughout the world.

Welcome to our web site!

Peter Crawley
Crawley Distributing Inc.